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Kaleigh standing with a wood crate

My name is Kaleigh Boesel and I am the owner and chief “hunter” of all things vintage at Salt of the Earth Decor. I was born and raised in beautiful Colorado and live outside Denver with my husband, three children, a couple dogs and chickens. We appreciate the simpler things in life; board games, finding interesting things while hiking, watching movies together and going treasure hunting for our special 'picks'. You can read more about our lively antics here

vintage and antique yard garden and boy scout items


 The main mission of Salt of the Earth Decor is to spread joy and to share stories. The name “Salt of the Earth Decor” is inspired by a verse in Matthew 5:13, “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under people's feet.” As a follower of Jesus, this verse has a profound meaning as to how I want to live my life, but it also has a practical meaning. In Biblical times salt was used for preservation and of course for flavoring of food, but in addition Jesus was talking about each person being like salt to enhance and give meaning to this existence. I like to think of this also in terms of the vintage treasures I find or the items I create. I desire for each item to give some “flavoring” to your home; enhancing your space to reflect love and joy. I want to help preserve the past by snatching up the vintage treasures before they are gone forever. I think that is one of the reasons, even way back when I was young, that I enjoyed thrift stores and antique malls so thoroughly; preserving these items from the past creates an incredible feeling of nostalgia and simpler times. With certain pieces, it is hard to ignore their ingenuity, their story, the care taken to make or produce them and its something that I want to have a part in.

 The Beginning

 I started Salt of the Earth Decor in 2016, shortly after my youngest was born and I quit my demanding full-time health food industry job to stay at home with our three littles. While I knew deep down that quitting my full-time job was what was best for our family, I still struggled with the transition of not having anything outside of “mom-ing” and wife. My soul craved creativity and as I began to have time and energy to start decorating our home, my love for all things vintage also flourished. I decided to take the plunge and go for starting this business!vintage bingo and dominos

 A Part of Something Bigger

With Salt of the Earth Decor, I am determined to play a part in ‘better-ing’ this world. The current focus of this endeavor is that with every single purchase, I donate 5% of the profit to the anti-human trafficking non-profit DeliverFund. This incredible organization fights the problem of modern day slavery with high-level intelligence resources and partnering with local law enforcement to liberate and protect future victims. You can learn more about the incredible work they are doing here

Dreams for the Future

Someday, my big dream is to rescue and preserve a beautiful, historic building to house Salt of the Earth Decor. I dream of a brick and mortar that is deeply entrenched in the community, that works for the good of those in and around the store and local businesses while providing special and accessible vintage and antique treasures. 

 Until then, you can find me and my treasures at flea markets around town and at Homestead Antique Mall in Arvada, CO. Thanks for stopping in and feel free to shop my current collection here.